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Midi kit for Rodgers 925

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  • Midi kit for Rodgers 925

    After the Rodgers 925 came out the Rodgers Company created a kit for installing midi on the 925. They no longer sell the kit. If anyone is aware of a kit that I could purchase I would be interested in acquiring one.

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    The kit consists of a MIDI adapter board which plugs into the microprocessor board (CPU), firmware (EPROM IC or ICs which need to be installed on the CPU) and an input/output panel. In addition to these, it would have MIDI channel on/off selectors specific to the organ model, two for each division. Sometimes these were rocker tabs, sometimes lighted pistons, etc. depending upon the physical space available on the console. There would need to be 8 on/off devices for the 925 organ since Rodgers provided 2 MIDI channels per division on their 3-manual models.

    MCN Systems is your best starting point to look for these items:, though the firmware will be extremely difficult to locate.

    There were three different MIDI versions for Rodgers of this era--MIDI Phase 1, 2, and 3. The phase 1 and 2 use different CPU boards and different firmware. I don't know about Phase 3. Phase 2 is definitely more desireable than Phase 1, since it communicates more MIDI data and can store MIDI data in the pistons.

    All of these will be difficult to find, though you could fabricate your own input/output panel quite easily--it's just a box with 3 connectors and coax cables connecting to the MIDI adapter board.