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Update MDS firmware?

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  • Update MDS firmware?

    Can an MDS organ have its firmware updated to version 22?

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    I don't know the answer but since I have an MDS instrument, I am curious about what improvements would come with the upgraded firmware?


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      I don't think they went past 2.2. But I haven't played an MDS with console controller in a decade or so, so I could be wrong.
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        Well maybe 2.2 is what I meant. Either way, can the firmware be updated on these systems?


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          I'm assuming the firmware can't be upgraded.


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            Not that I know of. I suppose that if you replaced the current Console Controller and/or the current MN board with new ones from the factory, they "might" have the newer code installed, but I wouldn't swear to that.

            Are you wanting the ability to set unique MIDI patches to the pistons in the separate memory banks?
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              Editing a comment
              Version 22 was the last console controller update in the MDS series. I am not aware of an upgrade unless you change the hardware John mentions. In Version 22, once you set up the console controller for multiple memory bank presets (not the voices), it doesn't have to be addressed again. You can program 10 presets per memory level, times 6 memory levels, for a total of 60 presets. I wrote an instruction sheet if anyone is interested.
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            That's right John. The older version only calls MIDI pistons from Memory 1 regardless if the controller is in Mem 2 through 4.