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Allen Ensemble uneven volume

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  • Allen Ensemble uneven volume

    I’ve got an Allen Ensemble (drawer version) that has uneven volume. For example, the VoxHumanna is almost non-existent even with the volume cranked, but change to 8 trumpet or any flue stop and it works fine. Another stop, 8 Rankett I think, playing up a chromatic scale about every 6 semitones, the volume alternates from very soft to kinda there. The 8 Cromhorne plays fine up to Middle C, the the top half of the range seems about 1/3 less.

    I was only testing on the GT, but I would think MIDI is MIDI. I even unplugged the right and left audio and tried just one in the mono, but similar results.

    Now for the weird. Last week it was the 4 Octave that was softer then the rest, now it works just fine.

    There is no ground wire connected. Is there a certain ground in the console it should be connected or just any chassis ground?

    Installed on an MDS-25.

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    Sounds like an internal problem, especially if it happens through the mono jack. I would've suspected that you had only one channel hooked up, but that's not it, if the trouble is also in the mono output. Try doing a hard reset, which I think is holding down both the Preset and Div buttons while powering up. There just might be some odd setting that has been put into it. You never know.

    Sadly, you may have little recourse but to send it to Allen for repair. They do exchanges on these like on regular circuit boards. Not terribly expensive, at least not compared to buying a new one!

    I would try it with another MIDI keyboard, just to be sure. Almost any garden variety keyboard will transmit on channel 1, which should allow you to test all the patches. Try it as well with a different audio system. It's always possible that something is wrong with the audio interface inside the organ that sends the Ensemble audio into the organ amps.

    Do note that there are both A and B sounds on any given preset, and I once spent days chasing my tail on an Ensemble because it kept playing patches that I wasn't selecting. Didn't realize that the A and B patches will both play whenever any preset is chosen, so if you only want to hear one you have to set the other one to "MIDI OFF"
    *** Please post your questions about technical service or repair matters ON THE FORUM. Do not send your questions to me or another member by private message. Information shared is for the benefit of the entire organ community, but other folks will not be helped by information we exchange in private messages!