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MDS-36 console light issue

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  • MDS-36 console light issue

    A couple of weeks ago, I turned on the MDS-36 at church and neither the music rack nor pedal lights worked (they had worked fine the night before). This continued through the following Sunday, so I made do with the regular chancel lighting plus a small clip-on music stand light for the pedalboard.

    I visited my daughter in Alaska so missed a Sunday--they had a "said mass," with no organist--and upon my return, the lights were once again working!

    I know this organ has that odd AC-DC converter set-up, so since both music rack and pedal lights were affected, I'm guessing the problem may have originated in the converter unit. Is this a common problem? Is there an easy fix?

    One other thing that I've noticed of late: after turning the organ on, the green light comes on immediately, and then goes off and on (very quickly) as the console powers up and the combination action becomes operative. What's unusual is that in the past, the green light flickered, but didn't go completely off. Any ideas?

    As always, thanks much!


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    The 12 volt power supply in the floor of the console is likely common to all those lights, so check that it is firmly plugged in and that the fanning strip on the terminals is securely screwed down. The blinking green light could indicate that the battery needs replacing, so try that too.
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      Thanks, John. Over the past couple of weeks, everything has worked perfectly. When I've been practicing, I've been a bit pressed for time, so haven't bothered to take the back off the console and follow your recommendations. The intermittent nature of the problem(s) makes your hypothesis seem very plausible!

      Thanks again.