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Ahlborn SL250 -I messed it up !!!

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  • Ahlborn SL250 -I messed it up !!!


    After refoaming the larger speaker, and hookingeverything back up, I inadvertently attached the speakers on one of the tweeter backwards. And what makes this hurt. even more is that I clearly labeled everything. :-(

    When I powered the organ on, I have little or no amplification.

    I checked all the fuses on the Power/Amp board and everything appears to be in order.

    Did I kill it for good, or can this be fixed?



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    Installing a speaker backwards will do no harm--except that it won't sound right. Just reverse the wiring.

    If you have little or no amplification you did something else wrong, perhaps in addition to reverse wiring on the speaker.

    Disconnect the two wires going from the amp to the speaker system and measure the resistance across those wires (the side with the speakers attached)--it should be in the range of 3 to 8 Ohms. If it measures Zero Ohms, you have a direct short within the speaker wiring and you need to fix that. Once you get that sorted out, reattach to the amp and see if it works.

    If you did short out the speakers you may have killed the amp channel.


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      Father Toodles, do you also listen to confessions from the mentally deficient??? LOL!

      I reread your reply several times and several words stuck out to me....”I did something else...”. “reattach”

      When I went back to retrace my own steps, I found that “I” was the one who disconnected the midrange speakers ( thinking I might have to refoam them also.)

      Thanks for the quick reply, and especially the kindness and expertise. :-)

      All is well.

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        Well that was easy!:->