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Wurlitzer Reed Amplified Organ

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  • Wurlitzer Reed Amplified Organ

    I have a Wurlitzer Model 20 reed amplified organ. Two things don’t work: The expression pedal doesn’t change volume, and the pedal 16’ reeds play (air) but are not amplified. Does anybody know how to fix these problems?

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    Orgatron Series 20

    I also have the same organ as you do: Wurlitzer Orgatron Series 20, but I'm not technical enough to help you. I first had the Series 50 which had a slightly smaller cabinet with fewer reeds for ES tone generation. There are some other members that also have a similar organ and I'm sure they will offer their help in a few days as they discover your post. I have had mine since C.1985 and it has served me well as a home practice instrument and so very convient to be able to practice at home for a couple of hours each day. I was spending a lot of time coming from a gospel stlye improvisation with chords to learning to play four-part hymns SATB correctly for the United Methodist Church with a small Wicks pipe. I wish you well with your repairs and may the peace of Christ abide in your heart today.

    Happily retired organist/pianist from the Church of the Brethren...Allen ADC-4300-DK.
    Home...Wurlitzer (ES) Orgatron Series 20 Serial #11608 (retrofitted with MIDI and VPO-Hauptwerk) with Leslie 44W (shorty).
    Hammond BC Serial #5070 with Leslie 31A (tallboy) tone cabinet
    A.L. Swan antique pump organ (C.1852) Cherry Valley NY
    Member of the Lutheran Church (LCMS): traditional worship. Cleveland Clinic Spiritual Care volunteer with the chaplain's office.