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Where purchase replacement cone for Rodgers SW 7.5?

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  • Where purchase replacement cone for Rodgers SW 7.5?

    I have a pair of Rodgers sub woofers (SW 7.5 Tone Cabinets - 8 OHMS - Maximum Power = 80 Watts) for my Rodgers 927 Trillium. Due to speaker rot, I need to purchase a new replacement cone for one of the speakers. Other than ordering my a Rodgers dealer, where else might I be able to purchase a new cone? I have attached a few pictures.
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    You don't need to purchase a new cone. You just need to replace the foam surround. They are available from multiple sources on the Internet. Google speaker refoam kits. It's not difficult to replace the surround yourself, but there are businesses that will do it for you.

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      Admin gave you excellent advice. Refoaming speakers is not all that hard to do. Kinda putzy work cleaning all the old stuff off the cones, but just take your time and it will go fine. That way you end up with the exact driver that the Rodgers cabinet was designed for, just as if it were brand new.

      I've got my most recent refoaming kits from Parts Express, and they worked well. Good to deal with too. But there are quite a few places that sell them as well.
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