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Lowery C-32 - Is it worth it?

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  • Lowery C-32 - Is it worth it?

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ID:	615313I’ve found a Lowrey C-32 for sale near me for $100 and it seems to not have been played or touched in a very long time, and it also includes an external speaker. I know it was manufactured by Rodgers, but with Lowery cabnetry and some janky amps from them. If it hasn’t been maintained, Is it Worth the gamble?

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    Seems to me that $100 is a good price--all of the electronics should be able to be repaired, if needed, and it would be a workable console for MIDI/VPO conversion if that is your intent. I'd probably just replace the amps if they ever go bad.

    Note that I'm basing this on using it as a practice instrument.
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      What Toodles said - exactly, yes.

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        FWIW, I have a Lowrey CH32-1 here, and think that the cabinetry is way nicer than I expected it to be. The keyboards are good enough, but nothing special.

        The one I have is an actual Lowrey made one, and is a few years newer than the one you are looking at. Your organ will be mostly all Rodgers inside ( besides the amps, as you mentioned ), and will probably sound like an older Rodgers. Some people like that sound, others don't.

        If you are able to move that organ yourself ( not hiring a moving Co., etc. ), then you could probably get it for way less than the 100.00 - perhaps even free. You would be helping the owner out by making it go away in most cases, so that is an expense they would not need to deal with, if they just want it gone.
        Regards, Larry

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