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Ahlborn Galanti AG Series

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  • Ahlborn Galanti AG Series

    I was looking into a new AG 3200 from Ahlborn and Galanti and i was wondering what all of you think of this particular organ. I'm looking for a good 3-manual drawknob instrument for my home.</P>


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    Re: Ahlborn Galanti AG Series


    I am familiar with the A-G line, and the 3200 in particular. They are fine organs for the most part, well built (much better than the early Galanti organs), and are well supported by the distributor.</p>

    The fundamental idea behind these organs is that it is user configurable. These organs have a large built-in library of voices which can be selected and setup as a stop list. Also, the audio is fully configurable. Having said all this, it indeed takes an inordinate amount of time to critically voice 5 different stop lists, and make full use of the different variations of audio.</p>

    These organs also do not sound terribly good through internal speakers (my opinion - most organs with speakers situated in the knee board don't sound good), and also the factory default voicing isn't great.</p>

    With some effort, and at least 8 channels of audio (preferably 12 or 16 channels) they can sound very, very good. They can sound every bit as good if not better than competitor organs in the same price range.</p>




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      Re: Ahlborn Galanti AG Series

      I'veowned anAG3200 with 15 external channels to speaker systemsfrom OrganSound Solutions in Atlanta, GA for a couple of years. It's a home practice instrument.</P>

      I've been extremely pleased with its sound and tonal flexibility. I found thatchoosing and voicing my own stoplistsbecameeasy andfun after I worked at it a while, although the dealer can do tonal finishing if you're not interested. It can take considerabletime to set up external channelmixer outputs and equalizers to sound goodfor your room and speaker systems.</P>

      Arie's right that the internal speaker system probably won't makeyou happy, although to me itsounds much better balanced at the console if you set the internal volume toless than1/2 of max. I use theinternal speakersjust for those inconvenient times when I need to let people sleep without thefloor shaking.</P>