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Allen ADC 3160 organ For Sale

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  • Allen ADC 3160 organ For Sale

    Wonderful church organ for sale. Church has no use for organ and looking for a seller to put organ to good use.

    The Allen ADC 3160 organ is a highly desirable model. Though only two manuals, it is fully decked out. Genuine moving drawknobs with extensive double-memory capture system, the same premium capture system Allen used for their largest organs at the time. It has dual expression pedals plus a crescendo pedal, toe studs, lighted music rack, and a number of other "deluxe" features. It also has four audio channels instead of just two, so the swell stops get their own amps and speakers, which gives more clarity and realism.

    Please contact me to setup a time to view organ in person. Thank you and God bless! Read Less

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    You should put this in the classified section, if you haven't already done so. A lot of folks outside the forum will browse there to find organs for sale, but the discussion section of the forum is less likely to get their attention.

    Very nice model, as many of the forum members can attest. A lot of us own similar Allen models, or have owned or played them in the past. A lot to commend about that one. I hope you find it a good home.
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      Walter did a phenomenal job with the MADC line.
      Allen MOS 1105 (1982)
      Allen ADC 5000 (1985) w/ MDS Expander II (drawer unit)
      Henry Reinich Pipe 2m/29ranks (1908)


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        Would be more useful if the post contained a location.