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amps won't power on

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  • amps won't power on

    Can anyone help with a power problem? This evening I turned on my 632 Moss, 3 manual organ it seems the amp rack has no power. The console has
    power as the lights work and the combination action works. But the power light above the on/off switch does not light up. Anyone have any ideas
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    Your 12 volt power supply has failed. Might just be the fuse. It's the silver colored power supply assembly in the floor of the console with a couple of large capacitors on top. Measure the output with a meter, and it should read at least 12 volts, possible 14 or 15 volts, as it is unregulated. If it fails, there is no power to turn on the relay on the amp rack, thus no sound.

    I no longer repair Allen MOS 12 volt supplies, but use an inexpensive 12 volt switching supply that we get from some online supplier. There are a number of such sources. The original supply puts out about 3 or 4 amps, so any switching supply that can handle that load is suitable.
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      It may seem silly, but sometimes in a pinch I have known a car battery to be subbed temporarily for the 12 volts DC. Actually on some pipe organs as well!

      You know the situation: less than 1 hour to the service, DC power is out -if it 12 volts, your parking lot is filled with it! Need to know what you're doing though...;-)
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