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Allen MOS 2 305b Console Issues

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  • Allen MOS 2 305b Console Issues

    I have a new acquaintance with organ issues. He has the subject organ which is a single computer two manual classical model and appears to be fairly basic. The capture action was non-functional when he bought it and I didn't have the heart to ask what he paid for it.

    The current issue is weak audio (in both channels) with what he describes as a spitting sound. By fiddling with the crescendo pedal he can sometimes get it to operate normally for maybe a couple of minutes. Selecting a swell stop may end up playing on the great. My question is should he even attempt to repair it? I think he just wants to sell it and we all know the potential value, particularly in Nashville, his location. I don't know if a two manual classical console would be desirable to use as the basis for a VPO.

    I suggested that it might be better to trash it, selling off the rather decent Allen speakers and possibly the bench and AGO pedal board. I will include a Craigslist link so that you can see what it looks like but please understand that this is NOT an attempt to sell it, especially for the unrealistic price. In fact I'll state right here, do NOT even think of buying this organ for $1200. What I wish is either a suggestion of a worthwhile repair or a suggestion for disposition. I've asked John to go ahead and join the forum. If selling it is considered viable, we will put an ad in the proper section. Thanks.
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    If it's an Allen MOS2 organ, it would be a shame to junk it, since those organs are generally 100% repairable. No telling what might be wrong with it though, with that many odd symptoms all together. As with all troubleshooting, one should start with the power supplies. You'd be surprised at how many wide-ranging issues can appear if one of the primary voltages gets out of spec.

    Of course it could be worse, like lightning damage. In which case it might well need some new boards, and that might be way too costly for an organ of that age, no more desirable than it is. But if it's fixable within reason, it would be a perfect home practice organ or a pretty good church model for a smallish congregation. I'd hate to see it thrown away without being checked out by a trustworthy Allen tech.

    The fact that pushing down the crescendo pedal helps a bit might point to a loose connection of some kind inside the console in the area of that pedal, if you want to check for that. If so, the fix may be obvious.

    OTOH, the venerable "B" console is a beautiful piece of furniture, and it's not too hard at all to add a third manual to one. So it might be useful to someone setting up a Hauptwerk system, even if it should be found irreparable as a MOS organ.
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      I concur with JBird that this organ is very likely repairable. A well functioning AGO Allen is well worth the cost the owner is asking, probably even with the additional cost to repair it.


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        I tried my 305-B the other day and the lower manual was silent--the upper manual plays normally. I've not tried to troubleshoot it yet.


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          Aren't there some MOS-2 boards presently available on online auctions/classifieds? Might be cheaper than we think to repair it.

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