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Home Organ sales in Singapore?

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  • Home Organ sales in Singapore?

    Hello All,
    Living in Singapore it is very hard to find a practice organ, the real deal are all generally out of the question being only 10 in a densely populated city. To use some organs Allen etc. or real you often have to pay. So I was wondering if there was somewhere in Singapore I can buy a electric practice organ ?
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    I assume you mean a classical practice organ. This section is for home organs - ie entertainment models - only, so I'm going to move it to the correct section.

    It's very unlikely you'll find somewhere that deals with classical organ sales near you but you never know. If there is an Allen dealer, then be aware that the prices are going to be very high - it would be much cheaper to pay for practice time! A quick google shows some used organs on Gumtree but they are home organs. It's possible that you might find something like a used Allen or Rodgers but it's more likely that you would have to compromise and find something like an older Conn, Lowrey or Baldwin console, or even a Hammond.
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      When I was there 20+ years ago, there was a Viscount dealer. I would think there are organs that have been imported for Europe as well as the USA. When I was there, the Anglican Cathedral was installing a Rodgers. Best wishes on your search.


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        Yes it’s available n you can get in touch with us


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          All the major electronic organ brands (Allen, Rodgers, Johannus) are represented in Singapore and the respective dealers would be in the know of any used models available.