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Wurlitzer 4700 -- ISO information

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  • Wurlitzer 4700 -- ISO information

    Hi folks:</p>

    I have just acquired a Wurlitzer 4700 to use as a practice instrument. It's in fair shape, with a couple of dead notes, two or three stops very out of balance with the rest of the organ, and some odd things happening with the Spectratone signal levels. I have been able to locate a user's manual, but am doubtful as to whether it will contain schematics for chasing down the problems. The websites I have visited in search of service manuals all skip right over the 4700. Can anyone provide any detailed information about this instrument? </p>

    I hope this is not the "haunted" 4700 that was on ebay! [;)]

    Freddie Brabson,</p>

    Knoxville, TN

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    Re: Wurlitzer 4700 -- ISO information


    Morelock's Organ Service in Rienzi, Mississippi is the source for all things Wurlitzer. Their phone number is 662-462-7611.They can sell you the service manual/schematic and any parts you might need. The 4700 is a nice organ and well worth fixing up. All the problems you describe are fairly common on this model and the fix will be obvious once you have the service manual and get inside the organ. Good luck.</P>

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