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Its the Exeter 770 again - MIDI

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  • Its the Exeter 770 again - MIDI

    Hello everyone!

    Still working on the Exeter 770 and today my power issue returned where I was not able to power on the organ.
    I immediately went around back to inspect the MIDI piggy-back board that caused me grief before this time to find a wire I know was connected to the board hanging loose.
    I'm hoping that from the photos the expert Rodgers gurus can tell me where this wire need to be re-soldered.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20181027_150157.jpg
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Name:	20181027_150211.jpg
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    Looks like it is the +5V input to the MIDI interface board, near C1 at the lower right hand corner of the board as shown in your photo. The wire, though, looks fairly stiff to me and perhaps in needs to be more flexible so it doesn't break off.

    If it is the +5V then the other end is connected to pin 3 and or 4 of J3, the long blue board edge connector.

    If this wire is freely moving around the bare end probably shorted to ground.


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      Thanks Toodles...I'll fill everyone in on how the project is going once a get a free moment to solder this up.



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        Well soldered back together and powering on again but I cannot seem to get any MIDI signal out of the console.
        MIDI out is connected to a Midiman Midisport 2x2 and I'm registering no MIDI signal at the Midisport or on Haupwerk or Grandorgue. I've reinstalled the Midisport and tried different Midi cables but to no avail. All other Midi related cabling in the console appears connected (Midi board and Midi connection box underneath the keydesk)
        The only loose wire I find at this point is the Gt-Ped piston is missing and because of that the bus wire is also not connected to the M1 / M2 / and Set pistons.

        Any advice from the group on where to hunt next?


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          Make sure SW8 of U11 on the CPU board is set to OFF. It is ON when MIDI is not installed, and OFF when it is installed.

          Also, try the MIDI IN channel instead of out--maybe the signals are swapped (or the THRU).

          You do have the MIDI couplers turned on?


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            No luck. SW8 on U11 is confirmed in the OFF position. All MIDI tabs/couplers are illuminated ON. I've attempted MIDI Out, In, and Thru. Nothing is registering on the PC or Midiman 2x2


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              Make sure the MIDI adapter board is plugged into the correct pins--it's easy to get off by 1 or 2 pins.

              If that doesn't do it, I suspect you need a technician to call who can diagnose the problem.