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another Conn organ question-size

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  • another Conn organ question-size

    Hello, I looked online...and told me that the depth of the Conn Artist 717 was 31 inches. However, this person who was going to sell me a Conn Artist 716 said that its depth was slightly under 30.5 inches. Is this possible? Or were the 716 and 717 both the same size?

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    Re: another Conn organ question-size

    Being off by a half inch means little. It depends on exactly where you measure the depth. Perhaps the official measurement includes the half-inch lip at the back of the top lid, and your seller failed to include that.</P>

    Now that you know it's a 716 you can be sure it's relatively modern transistor technology. Maybe built around 1980, but that's a guess.</P>

    And the problem I mentioned about the soldering -- Ican't remember if the 716 came before or after the changeover to serial keying. If after, it may have the rows of little keyer boards standing up in motherboards. This will be under the swell keyboard. This system was actually a wonderful improvement over the horrid vinyl keying rods, but is indeed plagued with bad solder joints. When the troubles start, you'll need a technician to remove the entire assembly and re-flow the solder. Not terribly expensive, but not cheap either.</P>

    Overall a good Conn.</P>

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