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Conn 633 and 643

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  • Conn 633 and 643

    Greetings - I am trying to find information on the stop list for these two models. I believe that they are part of the "Serenade" Series that Conn manufactured. It is my understanding that they are/might be both the same specifications and even the same features, the only difference being is that one console design is for church use (633?) and the other for "theater" use (643?). Does anyone have any other model numbers/specifications from the "Serenade" Series. Any assistance would be appreciated. JEPalmer (Never let it be said that you ever played too soft or too slow).

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    Re: Conn 633 and 643


    I can't say that I have an encyclopedic knowledge of Conn organs, but here is what I can tell you.</p>

    The Serenade models started in 1960 with the 621 and 622. Other models designated Serenade were 630, 631, 631 Deluxe, 632, 633 and 634. The 633 dates from 1968.</p>

    The 634 was designated a "theatre" organ. It came out in 1972. It is similar to the Serenade 633, likely an updated version of it.</p>

    I can probably get you the stop list, just don't have it in front of me.</p>



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      Re: Conn 633 and 643


      Just a slight correction. The 632 is the church model. Unlike the 633, the 632 had a cabinet style that was more in line on what church's used. Also the presets and rhythms have been totally eliminated. Otherwise they're about the same. Here's a stop list from a 632. Not all that impressive but definitely enough to fill a room with sound:</P>

      <LI>16 Diapason</LI>
      <LI>16 Bourdon</LI>
      <LI>16 Dulciana</LI>
      <LI>8 Flute</LI>
      <LI>Sustain Pedal</LI>
      <LI>Pedal F (loud)</LI>
      <LI>Great to Pedal (8)</LI>[/list]

      <LI>8 Diapason</LI>
      <LI>8 Solicional</LI>
      <LI>8 Violin</LI>
      <LI>8 Vox Humana</LI>
      <LI>8 Trompette</LI>

      Swell to Swell (16, 8, 4)</P></LI>

      Bourdon 16</P></LI>

      Flutes 8, 4, 2</P></LI>

      Nazard 2 2/3</P></LI>

      Tierce 1 3/5</P></LI>[/list]

      <LI>Trumpet 8</LI>
      <LI>Octave 4</LI>
      <LI>Clarion 4</LI>
      <LI>Bourdon 16</LI>
      <LI>Flutes (8, 4, 2)</LI>
      <LI>Nazard (2 2/3)</LI>[/list]

      <LI>Flute Reverb</LI>
      <LI>Tremulant (1, 2)</LI>
      <LI>Leslie Tremelo</LI>
      <LI>Leslie Celeste</LI>[/list]

      IMHO, the only voices worth having are the flutes and tibias. Everything else sounds like it comes from a 1980s computer game. However I must say having the Leslie available makes the organ worth playing and reminds you (sort of) of a Hammond.</P>