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Hammond 820

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  • Hammond 820

    A Hammond 820 has become available in my area. We want to get it for our church to replace the Gulbransen President we've using now. Any opinions or experience with this model Hammond? I was told it has internal speakers,a stoprail, drawbars and an AGO pedalboard. TheGulbransen will be passed to me if the church buys the Hammond.

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    Re: Hammond 820

    Hmmmmm . . . I doubt the difference is worth the trouble, Mark. But you might pick up the 820 and take it home for a practice organ, if it's better than what you have. At least it's AGO.</P>

    Hammond 820 was one of the first attempts by Hammond to sell a "hybrid" organ -- one with drawbar tones (a fairly decent imitation of the tonewheel sound) plus some "classical" tones. The classical tones on that model are pretty awful. And I'm certainly not an organ snob, as you may know from my postings. But those sounds are just one notch above wretched. </P>

    The model 825 that replaced the 820 was far better, and the later hybrids such as the 926 have excellent classical voices and even some very nice orchestral sounds. But the 820, not much good except for the quite pleasant drawbar tones with built-in Leslie.</P>

    If Terrell Texas is anything like Arkansas, you can do better if you wait just a while. Keep your eyes open for a church replacing a Rodgers analogor a double-computer MOS Allen from the 70's or80's. These are often free for the taking, as they are too old for a dealer to want and too big for a church member to take home.</P>

    Go give it a listen and let us know what you think.</P>

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      Re: Hammond 820

      John, </p>

      I agree with you here. The 820 was/is no great shakes as an organ. I would take a pass on it.</p>

      The newer ones are better, especially the current one - the 935. Actually a tremendous value for not only a classical organ, but also one that has the Hammond drawbars and some orchestral sounds on it. Would be fine for churches that are into the blended worship mode these days.</p>



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        Re: Hammond 820

        Thanks for the info guys. The only organs I have to compare the 820 to are the President and my Conn 628. IMHO both of these organs are minimally equipped for full size instruments. I'll take your advice into consideration when I go play the 820 late next week.


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          Re: Hammond 820

          Hello all,</P>

          I went to look at the 820 the other day. Does anyone know what the square buttons between the manuals to the right of the presets (pistons?) do? They are numbered 4,3,2,1, black, 1,2. I was wondering if they were programmable somehow. They light up when you press them. There are also two buttons at the rignt end of the keyboards that are labeled Main Off and Echo On. What are those for? The organ was in good shape and everything I could figure out worked except the lamp over the pedals and the lamp for the music rack. </P>


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            Re: Hammond 820


            The labelled pistons I am guessing might be the transposer settings. 4 steps down, black one is neutral, and 2 steps up.</p>

            Main Off and Echo On, would be controls for external speakers if they were used.</p>