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BDO Organ Players and Pedalboards

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  • BDO Organ Players and Pedalboards

    I have lurked on this forum for awhile and enjoy reading the posts. I am a piano player and organ hobbyist with a strong interest in organ music and organs.

    I wanted to see if there were any BDO organ players that have played on an AGO organ, and whether they might have some insight into this situation.

    I have a colleague in Europe who is interested in making modifications to an AGO organ to allow for a BDO concave parallel pedalboard. The goal is to make the organ immediately comfortable for BDO organ players.

    From a user perspective, I am curious whether the problem is as simple as affixing a BDO pedalboard onto an AGO organ? Or are there other modifications that would need to be done to make the organ comfortable to a BDO player?

    In particular, I notice that BDO organs and AGO organs differ in shoe placement, as well as some other small differences in toe piston locations. Are these critical aspects of the BDO design? Or is the pedalboard the only major difference?

    Basically, we are curious whether or not this project makes sense? Are there other important aspects to the BDO design that he might be forgetting?

    Thank you for any insight you can offer! Best regards.