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Everette Orgatron with two tone cabinets

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  • Everette Orgatron with two tone cabinets

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    Hello, I'm looking for some information on the Everette Orgatron. I picked up two big tone cabinets sunday, I heard they came off the actually orgatron and was wondering if I should go get the Organ also. The first of the two cabinets is massive, over 125lbs with heavy wood There are 3 big Orgatron speakers, two 12" and one 10" and somekind of transformer. The have a beautiful cloth front in perfect condition. When you take the lid off, behind the cloth in front of were the speakers are mounted there is a small motor and two big paddle wheels that spin to chop the sound up. The smaller cabinet is the same except there is one Orgatron 10" with a tube amplifier. I'm cerious as the the value and should I go get the Organ? </P>

    I understand Everett invented the orgatron in 39 and 40? Then wirlitzer bought them but didn't reissue the Orgatron untill after the war, then Hammond decieded to buy them. So are these the early Leslie's? Is this were the idea started for the rotory tone cabinet? Thanks for any help. </P></DIV>

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    Re: Everette Orgatron with two tone cabinets

    No connection to Leslie, but you should definitely get the organ too.