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  • Roland classic organ - help

    Can anyone help here? I have a Roland c-230 keyboard/organ. When I purchased it (second hand) the two “satellite” speakers were missing. Are they available anywhere? It’s a now discontinued model. Can I find replacements? Does anyone know what the socket type is? They are (for left and right) approx 1cm square, divided into four connectors apparently. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks.

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    If you can take a good closeup photo of the connector someone here might be able to identify it. You might also contact a Rodgers dealer, as they widely sold the Roland keyboard products. If anyone figured out how to use different speakers with the Roland products, the Rodgers dealers would.


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      Hi, Thanks for quick response. I attach a couple of photographs. The sockets are almost exactly 1 cm² to give an idea of size. Many thanks for your help and advice.


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        I've tried to identify the connector type, but so far am unable to do so. Again, a local Rodgers dealer might be able to help. But a simple solution is to get two powered speakers (or a stereo amp and two regular speakers) and use the line level audio outputs. It's probably going to give you better sound than the Roland speakers, anyway. The Roland speakers are shown as 12 cm, which is about 5 inches, so you can't expect amazing performance from them.


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          If you still need a Rogers/Roland Dealer see below.

          My experience with external speakers is they give volume but lack character whereas the supplied C-230 speakers are just enough to power along with a small orchestra.



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            The connectors look similar to Molex power connectors. These come in a variety of sizes and pin alignments so the example in the link may not be exactly what you're looking.

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              Looks like Admin has correctly identified the part. Arrow offers their parts with free shipping and reasonable prices. This is available as a 4-conductor cable (so you don't have to buy terminals and crimping tool), 18 gauge, 2 meters for $10.42. Note that there will probably be a tariff charge in addition but that is likely minimal. See:

              If you use that cable, 2 of the wires won't be connected. (Looks like the Roland keyboard was designed for the possibility of A and B speakers, but it isn't implemented.)


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                I have several of these speakers in new condition....they are quite good for a small speaker. Contact me offline for more info. Nelson Dodge

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