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Rodgers Organ - What is this?

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  • Rodgers Organ - What is this?

    Hey folks. I came across the very large Rodgers Organ, I'm guessing that it was in a church. Can you help me identify it or point me to sources that may be able to help me do so? Visually, it is in great condition but there are three keys required, one for power, and two for accessing memory (I'm assuming for preset changing).

    I searched on the Internet but it seems that there is very little about Rodgers Organs available.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    My guess is that it is either a model 725 or a 750, built in the late 1970s.



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      Should be a Jamestown 725B. Introduced in 1981. Usually all the keys on any Rodgers are the same; it looks like the plexiglas for the music rack is missing, but this can easily be replaced. See: https://www.--------/itm/One-1-Rodge...sAAOSwxoJct5D3

      I'd make sure you can return the key for a refund in case it doesn't fit; once you have one key, duplicates at your local locksmith will be cheaper.


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        Look on the underside of the keyboard deck.....there should be a label with the model and serial number.


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          Agree it looks like a 725B. 750B has two rows of stoptabs. Keep in mind there are four keys. One for the rolltop, one for the power switch, and two different ones for the respective memory levels. I think the rolltop lock, power and memory one keys will be the same. Memory 2 will be different owing to the fact that unique keys could be issued to two organists (or the second key for guest versus principal organist) to prevent tampering with each others preset registrations.

          The power and memory switches are simple single pole latching key switches. New switches could be purchased and installed if there is no way to get the original keys or determine their code numbers. Wouldn't even have to be key switches as toggles or pushbuttons could be used provided they have proper contact ratings.


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            In good condition what would one of these be worth? I does not have any external speaker cabinets with it.

            Did they have a headphone jack?


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              The grill cloth on the kneeboard indicates that this is a self-contained model--speakers are in the console. External speakers would have been an option. The brochure indicates that a headphone jack was included. I would want to add digital reverb (easy to do) if I were planning to use headphones.

              As to the value, analog organs are poorly appreciated these days--maybe $1,000 at most.

              Here is the brochure 725b.pdf
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                So, would $150 be considered a good buy? I came across one at a thrift store. They don't know who donated it.


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                  Yes, it would be a good buy.


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                    $150 is an excellent buy I'd say. I purchased a 750BE (next model up and with external speakers only) for $300 a few years ago from a church that closed. At the time (and even now) i considered that an exceptional deal since it included two Walker Credenza speaker cabinets and some Walker enhancements in the tone generation. I added a 4 channel digital reverb and revoiced it and have been quite pleased with it since then.

                    The capture action may well need new batteries to hold memory, that isn't too difficult to tackle but does require some minor soldering.