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Allen identification needed

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  • Allen identification needed

    Been looking at this Allen available. The owner can't find the name plate. I think I know which model it is, but I'd be guessing. Can anyone here tell? They want $900 which I think is
    high, as I suspect it's 80's at best.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	00707_ca7Pg186tRi_1200x900.jpg
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    Can't play an note but love all things "organ" Responsible for 2/10 Wurli pipe organ, Allen 3160(wife's), Allen LL324, Allen GW319EX, ADC4600, many others. E-organ shop to fund free organ lessons for kids.

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    Looks like a barebones MOS of the 100 or 120 series -- blind presets, no capture, no card reader, internal speakers, no extras of any kind, unless that is an external speaker cabinet on the right hand side of the photo. But of course there's the solid Allen console, keys, pedals, and other hardware. Early to mid 1970's.

    While we generally expect owners to more or less be giving away organs of this age with no deluxe features, we've actually had some demand for such organs recently. People wanting a "real organ" in the sense of an AGO console with basic pipe organ stops and good build quality, but having no particular need for a capture action or any of the other upgrades. At least two just like that one have gone out the door in the past year.

    This seems a bit odd in this day when new organs are being loaded down with all manner of juicy extras, from multiple suites of voices to MIDI all over the place and tons of exotic built-in orchestra/percussion sounds. But some buyers may be reacting against these overly-complicated instruments. finding one of these old gems to be just what they are looking for. Especially young players and players in small churches where they've never had anything but some old Hammond or Baldwin or (worse yet) some old Kimball organ that was intended to be a home entertainment device.

    We've been able to sell nice cleaned-up refurbished old MOS organs like this to this type of purchaser for $2000 and up, though of course our price as a shop has to include delivery and setup and sometimes even a warranty, and our organs are fully checked out and always in tip top condition and perfect working order.

    An individual selling such an organ out of their home will be lucky to get anything at all for it, as buyers are so scarce anyway, and dealers or shops like mine are not going to pay much for an untested, unwarranted organ of that age. He'll probably have to eventually settle for $200, if that much. Worst case, having to pay someone just to haul it off, which would be sad, but sometimes there are simply no takers at all.
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      Very useful info! Could you tell me where the ID would be on this model? The owner claims he can't find it. I told him to lift the top or look under the key desk. But is this one of those consoles where the whole top assembly lifts off - after removing two screws?

      Can't play an note but love all things "organ" Responsible for 2/10 Wurli pipe organ, Allen 3160(wife's), Allen LL324, Allen GW319EX, ADC4600, many others. E-organ shop to fund free organ lessons for kids.


      • jbird604
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        That's a pretty early one, even for a MOS, as it has the folding top rather than a roll top. So it could have the tag in an unusual place. With that console style, I don't think I've ever seen one with the tag on the inside, as it is on nearly all other Allens of that age. Most likely it is under the keydesk, but could be off to one side or quite far back. If the owner will get a flashlight and look up from the pedal board, he will see it somewhere, I'm almost certain.

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      My 423-C contemporary console does not have the folding lid but it does have the entire top hinged in the back. Taking out the two screws on the sides allows you to lift up the whole assembly, including the upper sides. There is a folding brace on the left that holds it in place. You do have to lift this from the front on both sides to raise it up. In my organ the nameplate is on the left rear part of the wood surface (covering the guts of the organ below) that is revealed when you open the top. Not on a vertical surface but a horizontal surface.

      I do believe that is a Gyro speaker to the right; I looked at a similar MOS-1 organ two years ago. That one and mine had the same trim as the unit seen in the photo.
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