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Verdin Bells exits organ business

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  • Verdin Bells exits organ business


    Apparently the Verdin Company has had enough of the organ business. My guess is that they did not see near enough sales and plenty of financial loses.

    Verdin tried the organ market using Content and Eminent models, as well as some Hauptwerk stuff, and being agents for the Slovenian pipe builder Skrabl.

    I understand less than half a dozen organs were sold by Verdin, and that they have about 10 organs in inventory.


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    With, IIRC, less than 800 electronic church organs sold in the whole USA last year, all builders- including the large, well-known ones, I'm not sure just how many organs they were expecting to sell. Still, it's a shame to see anyone have to exit the church organ business.


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      I wonder though, how serious Content is about the North American market. From what I understand, an AGO pedalboard is is an optional upgrade. Divisional pistons are an expensive option.

      Johannus on the other hand, has complete model lines for church and home, designed specifically for the North American market for 20 years already. AGO pedalboards, general and divisional pistons, are considered standard features on all but small Studio organs. An appropriately designed and configured audio system is also included as part of the package for all church organs.


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        Things are very different from the way they were in the mid-20th century, when several makers of electronic church organs prospered. It must be very hard to break into that market today and make any money, even when simply importing some ready-made organs. The market is simply saturated already, considering the small and dwindling demand.

        Wasn't Dewey Kuhn heading up that Verdin thing? Must be disappointing for him.

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          Yes, Dewey Kuhn is/was (?) the head of that department for Verdin. Verdin offered 5 main options for people interested in organs:

          Skrabl pipe organs
          Accent digital organs (developed by Skrabl)
          Verdin digital organs
          Content digital organs
          Hauptwerk dedicated consoles (I am not certain if they only offered Content's Cambiare line or they built their own as well.

          I cannot imagine how a small company can effectively market such a broad range of instruments in a small market. I assume the reason for doing so would be to offer something for every budget. However, it would also make it difficult to focus. Their approach was to be the sole outlet in the US for these choices, but the investment in inventory would have been significant even if you only had one model for each option. I would think that serving the entire country from one location would have implications for service as well. This is indeed the challenge for any vendor who hopes to serve the US market.

          Janvds wonders how serious Content is about serving the US market. It is a good point, especially since, by comparison, organs are so popular in the Netherlands. There are 16 pipe organ builders who are members of their pipe organ association (VON). In addition to Content, Emminent and Johannus. there are two builders of Hauptwerk consoles--Noorlander and Mixtuur. This is in a country the size of New Jersey and a population of 17 million. Given the current state of things, it is not surprising that there is not a great deal of emphasis to court the relatively small US market.

          One final note, do we know the source of the information that Verdin is in fact exiting this market? There is no announcement that I have seen. IT would indeed be unfortunate if this were not true, as it could have a detrimental effect of their success if in fact they are not exiting. Arie v, what is your source?

          My home organ: Content M5800 as a midi controller for Hauptwerk