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Allen ADR-4 Speaker wiring question

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  • Allen ADR-4 Speaker wiring question

    Good morning all.

    I have a wiring question. Our church has an Allen ADR-4 (the owners manual says ADC 1130 thru ADC 3160). We currently have four HC-15 Speakers hooked up to the organ - two on one side and two on the other side. Each set has those older Allen speaker covers which fit over the top of two speakers side by side. We want to move the speakers back further on the stage. In my efforts to do this, I have discovered that we are going to need more wire than what we currently have to accommodate the distance. Now that I am in the back and ready to disconnect wires, I see that in addition to the regular gauge brown speaker wires, there are two black very heavy gauge wires that look like electrical wires that are coming from the organ to the first set of speakers. The black wires are connected into the little strip on the base of the organ where the speaker wires are connected. I don't think they are not coming from the amplifier. Those two heavy black wires are the only wires coming out of the organ to the first set of speakers. Then the brown wires are connected from the first set of speakers to the other set of speakers. Is this parallel wiring? I don't want to mess anything up and I've marked all the wires so that I know what gets connected to what. My main question is this: What kind of wire is the heavier black wiring compared with the brown? I need to another 10 or 12 feet of this wire in order to maintain what is already in place so that I don't mess anything up.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Hammond L143 with Leslie 760