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Wurlitzer C-300

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  • Wurlitzer C-300


    I'm looking for any information on this organ. It's a Wurlitzer C-300 serial number 91011/05. Does that mean it was built in 2005? Does anyone know if it is digital? Is there some sort of owner's manual available? MIDI? I have heard that it is capable of controlling sets of pipes. Any knowledge on this?</p>

    Thank you very much,</p>


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    Re: Wurlitzer C-300


    The Wurli C-300, if I remember correctly is a rebadged Viscount, sold by Baldwin. It has a fairly elegant console profile, and has little wooden pull stops, reminiscent of a harmonium. Sound was pretty good but European. An early first generation digital from Viscount built from approx. 1988 to 1992. Judgin from the serial number it may have been built in 1991.</p>

    There may be a service manual, but I don't have one. I do have the schematics.</p>

    It has MIDI, but only rudimentary note on-note off on each keyboard.</p>

    With this basic MIDI it is possible to operate pipes, but it is an inconvenient method. The console itself is not designed to run pipes.</p>

    This model is not really recommended for the following reasons,</p>

    1) power supply - the 5Vdc regulation runs too hot, and eventually self-destructs. A design flaw</p>

    2) pedalboard - again poor design, become very noisy and clattery, and contact system prone to problems</p>

    3) Baldwin no longer around - support and parts availability scarce.</p>

    Prices of these types of organs should be very low. They are getting on to being better part of 20 years old, they are not voiceable, were not paradigms of reliability, and as such not recommended. Put it this way, there is other used stuff around at low prices that are better.</p>



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      Re: Wurlitzer C-300

      I recently purchased a used Wurlitzer C-300. built in the 90s</P>

      The sound is much better then the Baldwin Howard organsmade in the80s</P>