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Conflicting info in Allen manuals

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  • Conflicting info in Allen manuals

    My church's Allen Renaissance 3 has an MDS-Expander II. The MIDI provides a nice sonic expansion, but when I try to assign a specific voice to a piston it refuses to stick. Every time I make an attempt I follow the manuals closely, which might be the problem, as I've just discovered that the organ manual and the MIDI manual appear to contain conflicting instructions.

    The MDS-Expander II & MIDI Division owners manual, under the heading "Assigning MDS-Expander II Presets to General Organ Pistons on Allen MDS Organs," has this note: "On MDS organs that have a Console Controller, if you have accessed the 'Program Change Mode' and changed it to USER or NO, you must reset it to PRESET, . . . See your MDS organ owner's manual for information on the Program Change Mode."

    The Console Controller and MIDI Guide, under the heading "Assigning MIDI Program Changes to the Organ's Pistons," says--in bolded Italics, yet--"The 'USER' program change mode must be selected. . . .Please refer to the MDS-EXPANDER II Owner's Manual."

    So each manual refers to the other, and each seems to contradict the other. I've not kept track, but I expect I've tried assigning MIDI to pistons both ways and neither works. Can someone please help me sort this out?