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Using Rodgers speakers on a different model

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  • Using Rodgers speakers on a different model

    Hi all--

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use the already-existing speakers in my church from a 1980s-era Rodgers with a 1970s-ish Rodgers 250DM?

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    If the speakers are in good condition and there is an appropriate number of them, there is no problem. Note that Rodgers often installed the amplifiers in the speaker cabinets on early models but started putting them in the console in the 1980's. So if the current speakers were used with a 1980's model, they might not have the amps in the speaker cabinets. The 250 probably had amps in the speaker cabinets. So check to make sure.


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      Glad to see your question here. As toodles mentions, an older model like a 250 might have very different speakers from an 80's model. Your best bet is to do a complete inventory of the speakers that are present with both organs. Also, get the model number of the 80's organ. There are of course quite a few different Rodgers organs from that decade. The model number would clearly tell us how many speakers and what type are supposed to be used with it.

      Once you know what the speakers are with each organ, you would only need to decide which ones to use with each in the new setup. Since the 250 MAY have amplifiers located inside the speaker cabinets, or perhaps amps on a separate rack, you will have to make sure to keep the amps with the 250. The newer organ will probably have amps inside the console. I rarely see a Rodgers from the 80's that has them anywhere else. So you must connect the newer organ directly to the speaker cabinets and NOT to the amplifiers that may be in them.

      Another consideration is the cables. The 250, if it has amps in the speaker cabinets or on a rack, will have several 4-conductor cables coming out the back of the console running to those amps. But the newer organ should only have anywhere from two to a dozen 2-conductor cables coming out the back and running to its speaker cabinets. You'll have to use the correct type of cables with each organ.

      Bottom line -- it's not rocket science, but it's not exactly a walk in the park either, especially if you don't have experience in the organ installation field. But if you'll get the organ model number and do an inventory of the existing speakers with each organ, maybe we can offer some advice.
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        I have a similar question. We are considering the possibility of replacing a Rodgers 700 organ at our church with a much larger Rodgers, Model 755, that another church in town no longer wants. If only it were a simple thing to move and set up, but I fear it is not. I suspect that the 755 would require larger speakers than we currently have, and that we would need to find a very knowledgeable person to deal with wiring/speakers, etc. any insights that may be able to encourage us in how to approach this would be appreciated. thanks!


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          The 755 was available as a 3-channel or 4-channel organ. If your 700 has external speakers, they may be of comparable size to those that the 755 uses. The 700 was available as a 2-channel organ, if I remember right. It should not be too difficult to transplant a 755 and its speakers. The 755 has amplifiers in the console.


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            Thank you for your response. It is encouraging; will keep pursuing this possibility!