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Allen 305-B issue

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  • Allen 305-B issue

    I turned on my 305-B instrument some time back and only one manual was working. I don't play it often, so some time passed before I turned it on again. This time all I got from either manual was funny squeaking noises. I discovered that the Transposer switch was not in its home position. When I returned that switch to home (no transposition), both manuals worked properly. Huh. (The pedals are currently not in place--I have some water-damaged carpet issues.)


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    Not surprising if the transposer switch was between detents. After verifying that the problem was fixed by returning the switch to home, did you go back and see if any other transposer settings was working?

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      Yes, I did. The Transposer was not working. It's not really a problem as long as nothing else goes bad, as I don't use the Transposer. (Not sure how the switch got moved.)