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Allen (G 330) as moveable console: How to connect at different locations in the room?

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  • Allen (G 330) as moveable console: How to connect at different locations in the room?

    Dear experts,
    i was assigned to to the planning for an installation of a three manual organ (Allen, Rodgers, ? ... who knows) which has to be moveable and connectable to different 5 points in the church. In the floor of this church i have to plan some floor-containers now which will get all the wires to connect the console to the loudspeakers which can be found in the rear of the church (as the perfect place).

    To be precise we just use the Allen G 330 as a demonstration here.
    My questions:

    How to get the Allen moveable?
    (fundamental board with heavy duty wheels, like on a Steinway/Bösendorfer; would you show these wheels or should they be crypted in a tracker-like step?)

    How to get the Allen connected to it's speakers?
    (perhaps 4 x SR-5 Bass Cabinett and 8 x HR-200 found in the rear, above a door-situation in the second level)
    multicore in the 5 containers?

    What would be the easiest way for the organist to connect the console?

    Many, many thanks for your thought to this!
    Best regards,


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    Hi, We had to install an Allen in an auditorium. It had to be movable, and disconnect-able from its speaker system. (16 HR200 Allen Speakers, 3 subwoofers) We used very rugged "Cinch-Jones" connectors which are configurable in many versions. I don't know if you have a problem ordering from the US, but here is the website page:
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      There are several topics on building a rolling platform here on the Forum. Find them using the Forum's search facility. myorgan has linked to two of them here

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        If you select the Allen brand, they can make a rolling platform for you to match the console. I've seen several of them in photos. Also, with previous generation instruments, Allen has warned against using what you call "multi-core" speaker wire. Individual twisted pair cables are what they recommended.

        I don't know if that is still the case with the current generation of amplifiers but you should check with each of your potential organ dealers about matters like this to ensure you don't install wiring that will cause problems. For decades, my advice to both commercial and residential clients was to install conduit and pull boxes. Your selected organ dealer may want to install the speaker wiring and connectors to ensure proper operation, rather than using something installed by the customer.
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          Regarding the speaker cables, yes, Allen still does recommend and uses the 2 conductor twisted speaker cable. They also make a nice and very sturdy console dolly.

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        An Allen can be set up with a fiber optic cable (terminals at multiple stage locations). Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas, is one example.


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          Excellent point. That way the amp rack and speakers are in a fixed location and there is no need for multiple runs of speaker cable. Everything about the console configuration and installation can be customized for your needs.

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          There have been many Allen organs set up that way.

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        I started a thread on a similar topic at the following link. There may be options there you could consider.


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