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Baldwin Model 5A Organ/Tone Cab-What Is This Thing??

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  • Baldwin Model 5A Organ/Tone Cab-What Is This Thing??

    Hello all.</P>

    I am in the process of acquiring the above mint, working tube organ. Was in storage after retiring from a church sometime in the past. Have not p/u'ed yet...after seeing how heavy the organ and tone cabinet is--going back with a p/u truck.</P>

    I traded a small refridgerator i won for it-(did'nt need it). My original intention was to strip it down and work at turning it into a tubeguitar...or hi fi tube amp-(i play guitar with tube amps).</P>

    In the seat i found the tube specs (seems to use lots of 6sn7gtb's, and 12au7 tubes. That indicates to me that there would not be much of a power output for a guitar amp (if using the 6sn7gtb's 7 watt output spec). Does the tone cabinet house another power output stage (6v6/6l6/ect)? Or is the audio outputpower simply the 6sn7gtb triode output?</P>

    Also...What kind of speakers are in that massive tone cabinet? (wondering if they're suitable for guitar amp speakers)</P>

    If my suspicians are correct, it may be that the only practical use for it might be to re-cap it, and keep this thing intact. btw...the owner claims that there is a little buzziness on certain functions--and may need repl tubes-(that's why i may re-cap).</P>

    Anyone able to shed light on this organ--The basic amplifier/Tone cabinet description...relative to a tube guitar amp, or tube hi-fi?</P>

    Thank you</P>

    [email protected] is my email, if you would like to write direct</P>

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    Re: Baldwin Model 5A Organ/Tone Cab-What Is This Thing??

    There are three 6SN7s per tone generator (total of 36), plus a few 7xx Loctal tubes floating around. The output from the organ itself is rather low level, and it's meant to feed one or more tone cabinets that contain speakers and 30-60 watt amplifiers. Not sure how good any of it would be for guitar use. A guitar amp driven from the organ should work well.</P>

    There are a LOT of capacitors that could be changed. Each tone generator probably has a dozen in it, although many may still be OK. The power supply caps will most likely need to be replaced, and getting originals or twist locks to fit the chassis may not be easy.</P>

    I traded a refrigerator for mine (I think mine is the model 5, notthe 5A)about 16 years ago, checked all the tubes, sent the keyboards out for all new switches (I don't know if the company that did the work is still around, or if they even have those parts any more), and replaced about half of the pedal switches. I probably put over $1000 into it, and it's not worth that much now. It does play very nicely if you can live with the sound.</P>

    I didn't get any real Baldwin tone cabinets with mine, just some speakers in a box,but I do have a 60w amp that came out of one. They use 6-pin connectors to carry audio and power between the organ and tone cabinet, so the tone cabinets turn on with the organ. No documentation of the tone cabinets except for the amplifier I have, and the organ itself.</P>

    You can remove the back and top to make the unit a bit lighter. You can also unplug the entire tone generator chassis, unbolt it, and remove it, also making things a bit lighter. But the main case still will come in around 300-400 lbs, so get three strong friends to help you move it.</P>

    Bob M.</P>


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      Re: Baldwin Model 5A Organ/Tone Cab-What Is This Thing??

      Thanks for the info! Finally going to p/u tomorrow. Was told that this set was best money could buy at the time. Hoping that's true aboutthe tone cabinet. </P>

      Maybe the tone cab is a leslie? (not sure if better cabs wereoptions at the time).</P>
      <P mce_keep="true"></P>

      Will keep you posted</P>