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Magnetic reed switch for Rodgers 32B pedalboard

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  • Magnetic reed switch for Rodgers 32B pedalboard

    I’m a newbie, and have just gutted and installed MIDI encoder boards to my “new” Rodgers 32B console, to be able to use it to run Hauptwerk. In testing everything out, I discovered that the reed switch on pedal #32(G) is broken. Does anyone know 1) what switch this would be, and 2) where can I get a replacement? There are a bunch on the Digikey site, but I’m not sure which one would work, since I have no details on the original switches. The original switches are glass, approximately 3/4” (19mm) long. I’ve used DTS MIDI encoder boards, and all the other pedal notes work fine.

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    Reed switches are not a critical item.
    Look for "reed switches normally open" on Amazon.
    I've used the 14 mm ones by the dozen in converting pedal boards to MIDI.
    Last time was on a Harrison&Harrison pedal board where we were converting the tubular pneumatic action to direct electric.
    These were scanned by an Arduino. I.e., they did not carry any current.
    Never had a problem.


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      Also, there are occasionally NOS (New Old Stock) Rodgers reed switches on eBay. Just search for Rodgers Organ reed switch. IIRC, they come from a vendor in Hillsborough, Oregon.

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        Any of the ones on Digikey should work, provided they are “normally open” as Coenraads says. Depending on which one you get though, you may have to adjust the positioning so they activate at the same point as the other reed switches. Reed switches can get quite pricey new, however, so I would second the recommendation to find them cheap if you can!

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          Thanks so much for the information and advice!