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Viscount Cantorum TRIO - portable THREE manual classical organ

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  • Viscount Cantorum TRIO - portable THREE manual classical organ

    ... and then there were three!



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    Very interesting! I’m very curious about the price.


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    That’s great! A very clever move, and I’m sure it will be substantially more affordable than any other 3 manual system.


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      I would like to see more videos of this organ featuring the different suites, especially the Romantic and Symphonic stops. It seems to have a good ensemble and good reverb.


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        An interesting product, I'm impressed. I can see it also appealing to Hauptwerk home users. You have three manuals with a few pistons and 46 hardware stop controls all for a reasonable $3,500 (assuming a straight GBP to USD conversion) in one unit. There is the added flexibility of using the built in sounds if you don't want to wait for Hauptwerk to boot up say at home, or using the built in sounds if you transport it to a practice venue. All you need to do is add a bench, pedal board and expression shoes (see link for an example) and you have quite a tidy and compact home setup.


        I think Viscount is on to a winner here that will appeal to several markets such as traveling musicians, venues/halls, crematoria, small churches with very limited resources and space that don't have an organist (perhaps a pianist) but who would like "organ sounds" - more realistic than generic MIDI ones - for traditional hymn accompaniments and the aforementioned home user.

        Viscount seems to have done a good job of cornering this nice niche area of portable organs with the Johannus One/Dexibell Classico L3 being their main direct competitor that comes to mind.

        You can even take it out of the home and practice in the local forest as demonstrated! 😉

        Instruction manual is here and starts on PDF page 59 in English: https://www.viscountinstruments.com/...EN-FR-ed10.pdf
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          I know someone with the Duo and they really like it. They have it connected to 4 external speakers with a subwoofer. I think it’s a good instrument and a 3 manual with more stops could only make it better.
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            I’m waiting for the 4 manual. Just kidding.


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              Originally posted by radagast View Post
              I’m waiting for the 4 manual. Just kidding.
              Buy 2 two-manuals and stack them. 🙂

              My home organ: Content M5800 as a midi controller for Hauptwerk


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                This is killing me! If this thing can be bought for $3500 (though probably $5K or more after you add on taxes and shipping), this almost negates the advantages of "rolling your own" VPO setup. A home-brew 3-manual setup like that will probably cost close to $5K (from Classic MIDI works, etc.), and won't even include any built-in stops or audio!

                With this little unit, for one price, you get:
                1. Your three manuals, already stacked and mounted properly in a stable frame
                2. Your piston rails (rather parsimonious, but serviceable)
                3. Your stop tabs (enough for a small to medium disposition)
                4. MIDI encoder system already wired up and ready to use
                5. Built-in amps and speakers -- not great, but probably tolerable for everyday practice
                6. Headphone amp and jack, already wired to automatically silence the speakers.
                7. And as a free but valuable bonus -- a ready-to-play tone generator with four "sample sets"

                If I were starting from scratch right now, I'd be tempted to pick up one of these, gut an old organ console, and set that little unit right on the keydesk where it would fit perfectly in place of the old stack. Then I'd only need to MIDI the pedalboard (which was certainly the easiest part of my own VPO build) and add the Viscount expression/crescendo accessory pedals. I could add some better speakers (or use the gutted console's speakers, as I did for my VPO. And have a ready-to-use three-manual organ.

                I would probably be pretty satisfied with the four built-in dispositions, at least for everyday practice. It would be so easy to play out loud when practicing duets with my wife, and then just plug in the headphones for quiet private practicing!

                Thank you, Viscount! (Too late for me at this point, but this is looking very much like a suitable retirement option for a few years down the road.)
                *** Please post your questions about technical service or repair matters ON THE FORUM. Do not send your questions to me or another member by private message. Information shared is for the benefit of the entire organ community, but other folks will not be helped by information we exchange in private messages!



                • radagast
                  radagast commented
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                  I was pleased to see the volume pedal input and crescendo pedal input.. I believe it also has four audio channels at the output jacks.

                • sandstone42
                  sandstone42 commented
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                  Yes, like jbird, if I could start over again, I would seriously be looking at this.

                • myorgan
                  myorgan commented
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                  I wonder about the quality of the manuals. After all, that's where the proverbial rubber meets the road.


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                Viscount offers a table and bench for the Duo wide enough to accommodate a pedalboard and you can also add swell shoes. Not sure if that table and bench are wide enough for their 32-note pedalboard offering but this image certainly gives you a good idea for a minimalist furniture setup.

                This is simple enough that I could build something similar in my modest shop. Make the top a bit wider and you'd have room for flanking touch panels.

                It looks like their table for the Trio has an extended apron on the front for the deeper keyboard stack.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	Cantorum Duo console-bench.jpg Views:	0 Size:	90.7 KB ID:	773405
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                • m&m's
                  m&m's commented
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                  It looks like that has a thirty note pedalboard. I realize that it is the straight pedalboard that many are used to in Europe, but they might have an AGO-style option also available. Hang a speaker or two on each side, or possibly on the sides of keyboard stack, and you have have a pretty compact setup. It certainly has my mouth watering.

                • jbird604
                  jbird604 commented
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                  As Larry says, one could surely build a table like that with basic tools. With minimal effort, a homemade table could be much sturdier and better looking too, and easily made wide enough to accommodate some monitors and an AGO pedalboard. This really does make a decent organ accessible at the lowest price imaginable. Game changer.

                • radagast
                  radagast commented
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                  M&M’s, in comment #5 above, nullogik put in a link that shows a radiating pedalboard with two expression shoes, presumably for volume and crescendo, made by Viscount.

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                Viscount has a wide range of pedalboards for their various instruments, ranging from 27 to 32 notes. Without knowing the clearance between the sides of that keyboard desk I pictured above and the width of the various pedalboards I don't know which ones would fit.

                But they do have 3 variations of the 32-note MIDI output pedalboard that could be used with the Cantorum organs.


                Larry is my name; Allen is an organ brand. Allen RMWTHEA.3 with RMI Electra-Piano; Allen 423-C+Gyro; Britson Opus OEM38; Saville Series IV Opus 209; Steinway AR Duo-Art, Mills Violano Virtuoso with MIDI; Hammond 9812H with roll player; Gulbransen Rialto; Roland E-200; Mason&Hamlin AR Ampico piano, Allen ADC-5300-D with MIDI.


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                  I'm pretty sure that the desk isn't wide enough for a 32 note AGO / RCO width, having looked at the packages that are beginning to emerge on European retail sites. PLUS


                  the latest Viscount video makes specific reference to a 30 note MIDI pedalboard (even though Viscount do make 32 note versions) fitting the available bench.
                  But, as jbird said, you could make your own. I also echo his (I paraphrase) 'if I was younger and starting again'.
                  Having bought a Cantorum Duo at the start of 'lockdown' (UK) last year and having found it a superb distraction (including 'the touch'), I'm now repeating 'thou shalt not covet' and reminding myself that Buddhism teaches that craving is the path to suffering ... but ...


                  • mrdc2000
                    mrdc2000 commented
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                    The 32-note AGO pedalboard will give you the two wood sticks but probably not the samples for the f# and g notes.
                    Bach only had a 27-note pedal for his use and wrote all his pedal parts for that board only. Almost all of the famous continental Euro pipe organs of a few centuries ago only have that 27-note board and nearly all only have the 49-53 note keyboards. Just look at the numerous U-tubes out there to verify my observations.

                  • Larason2
                    Larason2 commented
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                    You can actually buy a 32 pedal pedalboard as an accessory for this and all the Cantorum models, so I am sure it has the note samples. However you are right about most baroque music being written for 27 or less pedals. It sure is nice to play them on a 32 note pedalboard though!

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                  I’m seriously considering getting this. I’ll have to make some room for it.


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                    Great concept and price. I like the portability of the whole set. Headphones jack on the back is a bit akward. But then, using this just for its MIDI capabilities while the sound is coming from a Focusrite et al is a tempting proposition.


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                      Had a very interesting reply from Viscount regarding some sort of case.
                      I have also asked them for the German baroque, romantic and symphonic specs as they are not included in the manual. I am assuming it is the baroque names printed on the stop tabs. A shame that they do not change when the alt spec is selected as on the Hymmersive.

                      Thank you so much for your kind enquiry

                      We are working on a zipped Soft case with wheels to be sold as option
                      It's not ready yet but I am confident it will be in a month time

                      Kind Regards

                      Franco Luzi
                      Export manager
                      Viscount International
                      Thomann also gave me a most interesting reply on the VAT situation. The VAT is payable to the courier on delivery which i think works out as a further £330. They admit there are delays with Brexit, but they are trying to find ways around it
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