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  • Baldwin/Viscount C340

    This is my first posting in the forum. Sorry to be long-winded, but wanted to give as much info on my Baldin/Viscount as possible in hopes it would be useful.

    I am unfamiliar with the Baldwin A215, but about two months ago I saw advertised (in FB Marketplace), looked at and immediately bought a Baldwin (by Viscount) C.340 for $250 in Clearwater, Florida. The U-Haul to bring it home (Orlando area) cost me more than the Organ. I have been troubleshooting and fixing little problems with it, like burned-out tab lamps, non-functioning tab contacts (like any rubber-membrane contact switches, they eventually develop problems), and other little things. I have been replacing the burned-out bulbs with LEDs which is taking time, finding the right LEDs with wide dispersion, the right series resistors so they're not excessively bright, etc. A number of people had obviously been working on this one before me, and I am cleaning up their messes. I was able to get a complete set of schematics in PDF from the Viscount Service Dept - Good People!!.
    ====>If you push the pedalboard ALL the way in, some pedals may stick, so push it all the way in and then pull in out perhaps a half-inch or so.
    ====>If you find some pedals don't seem to work right away, EXERCISE THEM. It may just be oxidized contacts from non-use.
    That has been my experience with the C.340 - now they are all working. If you have a problem with the tab contacts let me know and I'll pass on what I've been using to get mine remedied. I am REALLY impressed with the construction. ALL ICs are in SOCKETS, which makes replacements incredibly easy - no soldering needed. And everything is spread out with lots of space. I wish I had an actual Service Manual, but at least I have schematics.
    With the advent of Advent (never pass up a pun) my work on the instrument will probably pretty much stop until after Christmas. I'm a music dir and the 'noisemaker' at the church.
    I've been a Ham Op for over 50 years and have done service work on electronics and some pipe organs including the 3/41 Wicks I've played on and off since it was installed in 1979.

    Overall, this C.340 is WONDERFUL. It has both swell and crescendo pedals, 6 general pistons and toe studs, and 4 memory pistons for each Division, and 8 SETS of those - Memory sets 1 through 8 for BOTH General and DIvisional Pistons.
    Gt/Ped, Sw/Ped pistons and toe studs, Tutti likewise, and it has something I haven't seen elsewhere - it treats the Great Division as UN-enclosed - by default it is NOT on the swell pedal. BUT - there is a piston that lets you TOGGLE the Gt and Pedal Divisions INTO the Swell pedal. I have found that to be incredibly useful. There is also a Reversible piston that decouples both manuals from Pedal, and then if you hit it again, it REcouples them IF they were coupled. If you select Chimes on the SW, if DEselects whatever you had selected on the SW, then when you DEselect Chimes, it restores whatever you had set. It of course has Transpose, and MIDI for each Division. You also have a Reeds Cancel and a Mixt Cancel (Tabs), which light up when you depress them and shut down the reeds and/or mixtures until you deselect those tabs. The actual reed and mixture Tabs stay lit, which I guess they deliberately did to remind you that you DO have them selected so that you're not blindsided by that sudden loud noise if you deselect the reeds off or mixtures off Tabs without expecting those stops to suddenly start speaking. It also has two different Voicings for the three Divisions, although I haven't figured out yet just what they're supposed to be.
    Every time I walk into the living room and see this thing I get the urge to pinch myself. The idea that I actually got this magnificent instrument for $250..... YIKES.
    Did I mention that it has TWO 32' Pedal Stops, one of which is a VERY authoritative Bombarde that will have you runnning screaming for the exits? 😊

    So if YOUR Baldwin A215 is ANYTHING like my C.340, you are in for a TREAT!!

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    Originally posted by JLWicks341 View Post
    Did I mention that it has TWO 32' Pedal Stops, one of which is a VERY authoritative Bombarde that will have you runnning screaming for the exits? 😊
    It's that bad?!!!😜

    Congratulations on your acquisition, and I really appreciate you sharing your experiences for the benefit of posterity.

    Way too many organs to list, but I do have 5 Allens:
    • MOS-2 Model 505-B / ADC-4300-DK / ADC-5400 / ADC-6000 (Symphony) / ADC-8000DKC
    • Lowrey Heritage (DSO-1)
    • 11 Pump Organs, 1 Pipe Organ & 7 Pianos


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      Thanks, Michael. I LOVE it. The low Pedal C at 32' is ~16 Hz. Still looking for a 4' diameter Woofer <grin>. Sitting on the floor with my back to my current subwoofer actually makes a nice back-massager with five or six hymnals stacked on that C. Fortunately I don't have any false teeth.... -Joe..