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Moving digital organ and speakers

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  • Moving digital organ and speakers

    My church may be getting a used organ from another church. It is an Allen digital 3-manual with 6 speakers in the church walls. Some of the men frommy church think they can move the organ. I'm nervous about this and would prefer having a professional do it. Any words of wisdom?

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    Re: Moving digital organ and speakers

    If professional help is an option it should be your first choice. That said, there is nothing wrong with willing workers provided the correct dollies are also available. (furniture dollies at a minimum/organ dollies if available) If a volunteer team is used, note carefully all the wiring connections that are disassembled so the speakers can be set up again later. If the church has had a speaker chamber that is the best way to install the sound system. The speaker boxes should not be pointed directly at the sound opening but allowed to mix at angles in the chamber cavity.</P>

    The instrument will have considerable weight so it wouldn't be too much to have at least four men available!</P>