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Rodgers 805B, Need help connecting speakers

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  • Rodgers 805B, Need help connecting speakers

    I just acquired the Rodgers 805B with the PR-300 MIDI, used. It comes with 6 speakers (2 subs). My headache is I don't know what colored cable to connect from the organ to the speaker, see attachments. You advice and guidance greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I'm able to listen through the headphones.

    Oh, also the Festival Trumpet on the Swell switches on but doesn't play. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    Congratulations on the instrument! It would be helpful to see the connectors on the speakers, and also to have you pull it away from the wall, take the back off, and show us the part that cable connects to. Tht may solve your problem without needing further input from us!

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      Here's the connection diagram but as L2 says you will have to match the wires to the rear of the speakers. There is no color code for the speaker wires.

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        Thank you, Larason2 and tucsondave. Your input is greatly appreciated. I'm going to pull it away from the wall and take the back off to see what I find. Again, thanks!


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          BTW, I got off my behind and unscrewed the back, and, voila, there's the speaker interface showing the color-scheme for the speaker wires.
          Oh, any idea why the Festival Trumpet on the Swell switches on but doesn't play? Right now, I'm just using headphones to play but will be connecting the speakers over the weekend. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated
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            Originally posted by slac324 View Post
            Oh, any idea why the Festival Trumpet on the Swell switches on but doesn't play?
            I'm not sure if this is the case or not, but Rodgers has a history of providing stops by "prepared for" tabs/knobs. I'm not sure if it was a marketing ploy to "encourage" the purchaser to obtain the other stops later, but for me it was just annoying.

            The Festival Trumpet could be one of these "prepared for" stops. Ideally, I would like to think it was actually connected, or you will be able to find a way to make it work after the fact. I look forward to learning how you get it working.

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              I'm guessing that since you have a pipe interface the festival trumpet may have been wind blown rather than electronic. Also there is no festival trumpet listed in the specifications.

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                Thanks for your insight, Michael and TucsonDave. Now I see the Festival Trumpet is NOT LISTED in the manual specifications for the 805B, so I'm guessing the Stop may only be meant for wind-blown pipes! Very confusing marketing, though. Gonna see what solo stops the PR-300 MIDI has. Again, thanks!


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                  Attached is image of the Swell division that includes the Festival Trumpet stop, even though it's unlisted in the manual. So you guys are absolutely correct that the stop may be used only with pipe. I'm only frustrated because the seller listed Festival Trumpet with the specification and I certainly was enticed by that. Still will see what solo stops the PR-300 MIDI has. Maybe some hope there. Again, thanks!