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baldwin c-305?

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  • baldwin c-305?


    just moved to the USA (bay area) from europe and had to leave my beloved johannus opus 10 practice organ (i know this is not a high-end instrument, but it served its purpose) behind.
    anyway, it is comforting to see that i am not alone with my interest in classical organs. and i am glad to have found this forum with all its organ-enthusiastic inhabitants [&lt;:o)]!</p>

    now, i've seen many baldwin organs here on ebay. and i've read a number of derogative comments about the 90s baldwin organs.
    i'm currently interested in an advert
    it's a baldwin c-305, and the main reason to get it would be its MIDI capability (i am a hauptwerk-devotee).
    i would use the organ in my home as a practice instrument, mainly playing via the hauptwerk software using external speakers.

    does anybody know more about this model? since transportation allone would cost me 900$, would it be worth bidding for it?
    i would really appreciate any advice.

    thanks for your help!

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    Re: baldwin c-305?

    Hi Georgfly - You might search the archives for information on these organs, but from what I know (admittedly not as much as others), this was essentially an organ made by Viscount (Italy) and rebadged by Baldwin, and later sold under the name Church Organ Systems. </p>

    The sounds are decent, but several on this board have called attention to what is perceived to be a lack of solid construction in terms of the console, and an inability to get service here in the states. As to the latter claim, I do know that there is a gentleman by the name of Norm Ninnemann in Wisconsin, who provides tech support (he was formerly with Church Organ Systems).</p>

    Probably it would be decent for practice, and with MIDI capability, you could probably drive Hauptwerk or additional sound modules if you wish to upgrade the sound. You could do a lot worse!


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      Re: baldwin c-305?


      I agree with Hybridlover. Generally the construction problems with these organs was the pedalboard - the contact system was noisy and went intermittant, and mechanically the pedals went clatter, clatter over time. I rebuilt a number of them, and they were fine after that, but it was a whole days job.</p>

      Yes, Norm Ninneman does Viscount support. However it is best to check with him which models he can support ( in terms of parts, circuit board testing or replacement). When Church Organ Systems went broke a few years ago, a lot of parts and circuit boards, test equipment disappeared. I know that there is very little support for the first generation digital Viscount organs and even less for the Baldwin sold GeneralMusic models that were sold in the late 80s.</p>

      The series of which the C-305 is a part appeared around 1990. They didn't sound as good as the earlier ones, but electrically were more sound.</p>

      The MIDI implementation would be primitive, but would most likely drive Hauptwerk.</p>

      I wouldn't pay much for one of these. There is better stuff that can be had. My guess is that the bay area would have some good used organs floating around for sale.</p>



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        Re: baldwin c-305?

        Thanks guys!</p>

        ya, i found a number of used organs on craigslist
        in the bay area, only they are all pre-MIDI, and i dont have the time
        and the knowhow to midify them on my own.


        i will get in contact with Norm and check with him if he can
        support this organ. i decided i wont pay more than 2000$ for it (+ 900$
        shipping).</p>thanks again!