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Hauptwerk Documentary

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  • Hauptwerk Documentary

    <span class="postbody">A good friend who is a film student decided to
    do a documentary on Hauptwerk and I think the end result turned out
    really well, especially considering this thing was totally last minute
    in every way, we only had about an hour to shoot all the footage.
    You'll have to forgive our somewhat tongue-in-cheek remarks near the end [:)]

    <span class="postbody">I actually had surprisingly little to do with
    this short film. My buddy, Mike Whitaker, is the person who did the
    whole thing. He had listened to some of my sound clips and came with
    all his equipment knowing beforehand pretty much every angle he wanted
    and every question he wanted to ask me.</span></p>

    Hauptwerk Documentary</p>

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    Re: Hauptwerk Documentary

    Bravo - very nice. [Y]</P>

    Youare anaturalperformer ... and/or film star. [H]</P>


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      Re: Hauptwerk Documentary

      Three cheers to the Hauptwerk man!!!</p>

      Excellently done, Rob.  </p>


      Kphone </p>


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        Re: Hauptwerk Documentary


        You playing is very fluid and rhythmic! I haven't heard better.</p>

        I am trying to learn the Washington Post March and am having a hard time getting the rhythm. Listening to your playing should be a help. Thanks for posting the link to YouTube.</p>

        I am fortunate in having my own pipe organ on which to play. It is limited in size due to the space and maintenance requirements.</p>

        Your set up with sounds as good or better than the typical Allen organ. I am now listening to "Now Thank We All Our God" which sounds like the Virgil Fox version. Your organ does a good job on the somewhat rich Fox type registrations you are using. I wish I could play at even 10% of your capability.


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          Re: Hauptwerk Documentary

          Great playing Rob, I really enjoyed the Washington Post March. What arrangement of that is it? Or did you arrange it for organ yourself?
          1971 Allen Organ TC-3S (#42904) w/sequential capture system.
          Speakers: x1 Model 100 Gyro, x1 Model 105 & x3 Model 108.


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            Re: Hauptwerk Documentary


            That is Joseph Linger's transcription of "The Washington Post" by John Phillip Sousa. I have seen a few different transcriptions, but of the ones I've looked at, none are quite as good Linger's. It's a very fun piece with some good crowd appeal. </p>


            Thanks for the compliments! I'm no professional, I just try to practice as often as possible. The Metz sample set gives me pretty good flexibility, and it works pretty well for Fox's "Now Thank We All Our God." I use Hauptwerk's voicing feature to crank up the volume on the swell reeds which more or less turns them into 16, 8, 4 reeds like you'd find on the Solo division of a big Skinner organ, which is critical for an accurate performance of this piece. Good luck with "The Washington Post!"


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              Re: Hauptwerk Documentary

              Wow, fabulous. OK, You mentioned that this is a setup that one person can reasonably afford. Would you be willing to tell us how much you have into that setup?</p>

              mike </p>
              If it is Caesar that you worship, then Caesar you shall serve.