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Rodgers 22-B Thoughts and Opinons

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  • Rodgers 22-B Thoughts and Opinons

    Just found a Rodgers 22-B for sale by an individual listed on RA Daffers web site. Would like to know what people think about the the tone quality of this model and what one should sell for. The one thing that seems odd to me is that the picture in the brouchuer dose not look like the photo that was up loaded.</P>
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    Re: Rodgers 22-B Thoughts and Opinons


    Thie picture looks suspiciously like a Lowrey CH-32, a Rodgers built organ, built about the same time. The brochure picture definitely is of a model 22.</p>

    If it is indeed a re-badged organ, the value of the instrument would be (or should be) very low.</p>

    Sound was good for that era. Very few would think it sounds great by today's standards.</p>



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      Re: Rodgers 22-B Thoughts and Opinons

      In the brochure it mentions a self contained version, and the nameplate looks like a Rodgers of that vintage.</P>

      I'm guessing Rodgers offerd this console as an option, or it was a custom console, or perhaps an early 22B. There was a 22S console that looked similar.</P>



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        Re: Rodgers 22-B Thoughts and Opinons

        Or perhaps Rodgers used a left-over Lowery console?</P>

        As to the 22B, it always made more sense to me (for a stop list) than the 32B, which had the same tonal resources spread over 3 manuals. I owned a 32B once, and it seemed rather impoverished as to the voices. The unit flute &amp; unit diapason are excellent. The Swell voices (reeds, strings, flute, and geigen diapasons at 8' &amp; 4') aren't very good, in my opinion. Pedal was adequate.</P>

        The price seems high for an organ of early 1960's vintage. The Crown amp and Klipsh speaker add to the value (even if you choose not to use them for the organ).</P>