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Viscount Mk I organ

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  • Viscount Mk I organ

    I did a few searches and found no info on here or the web. From what I can tell the name is "Viscount Mk I." It has a name plate that has Visount Transistorized Organ on it. Dual manual (44 keys on both), a "Synth Effects" section, some piano/spinet/clav sounds, 3 percussion tabs, and an a 8' or 16' bass tab. Weirdest part of this organ I discovered was when I was cleaning/opening it: it has a spring reverb inside:emotion-40:I didn't know any combo existed with those reverbs in them. Click image for larger version

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    Any info you guys have? Ever played one?

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    I've never seen one of these myself, but you might find someone who is familiar with them on the Combo Organ Yahoo forum. Another good place to search is the Combo Organ Heaven website. They cover some pretty obscure gear.

    I know that the Farfisa Compacts (not Mini Compact) had spring reverb inside them.


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      UPDATE: A few of these combo organs have been found in the world! Niels Gordon's Malmsjö S. Dakota (South Dakota) in Sweden and another. So far no word from the Combo Organ Heaven website yet and I think Niels has posted to the Combo Organ Yahoo group. Here's some links:


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        The Viscount organ MK-1 model "Synth Dakota" , in Sweden under the name Malmsjö A200
        (This was a try to make a polyphonic instrument like the Polymoog)
        I worked under this time70-80s for and with Viscount Italy/Malmsjö Eletronic Swden with service modification and quality testing etc.
        I have the schematics for many Viscount organs incl. "Synth Dakota"

        This model was a try to make a copy with functions like PolyMoog Viscount Synth Dakota was renamed/Rebranded in Sweden to Malmsjö A200I worked for and with Visount Italy and Malmsjö Electronic Sweden during this time 70-80s with service, modification and quality tests etc.I have a Schematics archive of old Visount organs incl. "Synth Dakota"This was NOT a big seller organ (rare)

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          Hi bassamps, good to see that. I would appreciate, if you could share with me schematic diagrams for Viscount Dakota. I have such unit on my own and I am trying to investigate issue with improper oscillation of low frequency notes after short period of time after switching on. There is also much more to maintain so papers would very desirable in my case. Thanks in advance. :-)

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          You responded to a 3-year-old post. You can make a request for schematics in this Forum:


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        Hi, I also have one of these. Bought it in the 90ies from a neighbour, who got it new in the 70ies. U nfortunately it ha now a 100Hz hum on the output.
        I would like to repair it. Is this the right place to ask for help?
        I have some experience with electronics, but this is my first transistor organ.
        @bassamps: Might you be able to share the schematics? That would be very helpfull.

        Click image for larger version

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          I could identify the source of the hum. Two big caps in the power supply were blown. I replaced them, et voila.....
          There's a short documentation of the repair at:

          Click image for larger version

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