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Elka Panther key contacts

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  • Elka Panther key contacts

    Hi, I have an Elka Panther 300 that has some problems. Most concerning to me is done broken key contacts and some obvious poor attempts to replace some.
    Does anyone have any experience with this or similar?
    It looks really nearly impossible to get a soldering iron down through all the resistors on the back of the board and thread a contact through all 4 footages (I gues there’s only 3 footages, but 4 contact wires)
    Must be a way? Looks like maybe someone tried to glue some on from the front, that didn’t work, plus there’s solder filling the holes from the back so can’t really push them in anyway?
    Ok, thanks

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    We have an Elka Panther 300 standing open at the company. Will take a look tomorrow and will come back to you.


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      I looked and it seems you have to remove the board for the switches and the earth wire and remover the aluminium above the key contacts. Seems like a lot of work but than you can reach the board. Are the white plastic and the wires broken?