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Using an AO-10 as Clone Preamp

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  • Using an AO-10 as Clone Preamp

    Howdy! I have seen some previous posts that come close to this, but I need a little more specificity.'

    I have a spare AO-10 sitting around (came out of my '53 C2 when I had the C2 fully modded to a C3), and it occurred to me that I may be able to use that as a preamp for my SK2, going into a Leslie 760. The point is to boost the signal, which comes in a little weak from the SK2, and add some tube warmth. At present, I am using a Dr. Fishsticks connector to hook the SK2 into the Leslie. I have experimented with an ART preamp, as well as a Speakeasy 122 AMA and even an Avalon U5. The Speakeasy and the Avalon have been pretty good, but I just wonder if that AO-10 preamp might work even better. I really like the balls in that (even better than the 28, in my view), so this seems to be a reasonable avenue to follow.

    I'm not the strongest with schematics, etc, but if someone can basically tell me what I would need to do, I can either try it myself, tell someone else what to do or at least be able to know what was done (if I send it to a shop).

    Any help is appreciated!!
    Chris Bentley - 1952 Hammond C2, Leslie 760, Leslie 122, Hammond SK2, Korg SV1-88, Traynor K4, Yamaha DXR15

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    I don't see why not. I don't know anything about the Dr. Fishsticks, but you could fashion an unbalanced 1/4 out from one of the "G" terminals and ground. Use the RCA jack as the input. If you have any more questions, I have a C2 I can look at.



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      The AO-10 is a way more complicated device than is needed, but easy to simplify. I would try the following:

      Disconnect the end of C6 that's connected to R23, the .27 meg that feeds V4.

      Disconnect the wire that feeds one end of the tone control from C23 and R34 (that were connected to the volume tablet.)

      Connect the disconnected end of C6 to the disconnected end of the tone control.

      Remove V2 and V4, as they are no longer doing anything.

      If there is too much gain, short across C24 and R35, to change the tone control to a level control.


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        Great idea!
        I've been using an L100P amp chassis for a 122 preamp to run my clones,and Hammonds through.
        That SK2 should sound awesome through a tube preamp with real expression emphasis!

        Just tested four boxes on the Nord C2D 1/4" high level output.Also tested the 11 pin,Nord really nailed using a traditional box with it IMO.
        One thing about a Yamaha FC7 compared to the expression pedal off a AO28/29/10 doghouse cap?
        They pretty much suck at mimicing the real deal when you try sforzando or 'Eddie Layton' rocking the pedal techniques.
        Running a clone through an AO28 might just be the answer,although this here B2/147 sure are tone monsters!

        The C2D EQ and amp section along with an overall drive function make transitioning from one box to another easy.
        No matter what I threw at it,122,145,147,251,760,770 clone,330 clone,HL822(not so much)....the result was at least great if not spectacular!
        The 330 is a really potent shorty,with 760 innards in a 45 box.It handles the synth bass plucks and releases of the bass split on the C2D easily.
        Having the floor switch or halfmoon switch option off the 11 pin is also thought through! Guessing the 11 pin innards will end up in a single motor shorty box.

        Although I tried the Nord 122 sim,I still use an original Ventilator for that if no box is around.
        My main issue is with the expression pedal or lack thereof! An AO series with a doghouse cap might be the answer!
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