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Yamaha YC organ, 2 prong to 3 prong ( grounded) power cord?

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  • Yamaha YC organ, 2 prong to 3 prong ( grounded) power cord?

    Hello, has anyone converted the stock 2 prong power plug on a Yamaha YC combo organ, to a grounded 3 prong?

    I am getting some hum, and also know old guitar amps can benefit from this

    not sure how it would apply to a YC20/30/45 etc though


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    Typically adding a ground to an un-grounded device doesn't necessarily reduce hum. The purpose of the ground is safety, not hum reduction. Often times, the safety ground introduces hum! Hum could be a bad filter capacitor in the power supply. You could try reversing the AC plug. (unplug, turn it 180 degrees and plug it back in) You could try a temporary ground. A wire from the ground to a metal part on the organ. See if it makes any difference.

    Remember, it was designed without a ground. There is a possibility of some leakage from the power transformer to the chassis. Simply adding a ground to the chassis without testing leakage could damage the transformer.



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      that is a good point!!

      thanks for the reply

      in fact the hum may be coming from somewhere else in the chain. I do know some amps have a ground lift/reverse switch too, presumably to deal with hum & other devices


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        Given the age of the organ I would be changing the power supply filter caps as a matter of course.
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          good idea! I have to open it up to clean some switches & replace a lamp, so will look at the caps then