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Hammond skx vs Crumar Mojo

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  • Hammond skx vs Crumar Mojo

    When I was looking for a clone organ I chose the Crumar Mojo over the Hammond SK2 simply because it had a good sound and has two sets of drawbars. I couldn’t see using one set of drawbars to handle both manuals. I do own a SK1 however. Now Hammond has come out with the SKX. I haven’t played one yet and my dealer doesn’t have one in the store so I can’t compare. I wonder if anyone has compared the two and which they think is best. If I do buy the SKX I’ll still keep the Mojo for a backup. I’m just trying to see if it is worth buying the SKX.

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    The SKX is an SK2 with additional drawbars. You could purchase MIDI drawbars like the Voce Midi drawbar unit. Crumar also makes a midi drawbar unit as well. This would be a cheaper option while providing two sets of drawbars. It still wont sound as good as the Mojo.
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