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Viscount Legend EXP? - Roland VR730 ??

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  • Viscount Legend EXP? - Roland VR730 ??

    OK, Im not an organ player (though had proper organ lessons in my youth) and when setting up my keys rig it wasnt the highest priority sounds.

    I chose an RD2000 on the bottom for weighted action, Pians, EPs, Clavs etc. The board has sliders that can act as drawbars for organs. The top board is an FA07. Chosen for synth action board, VA synth as well as PCM Rompler type capabilities. The apregiator was wanted, though the sequencer wasnt needed

    Organ wise the FA is slightly better as it has deeper editing. Theses no key click editing, percussive volumes, leakage etc on the RD despite it being the same SN engine as the FA.

    Ive compromised by using the RDs engine and controls played by the FAs synth action.

    Things have changed though, as I added a Novation Peak before Christmas. I know have VA/Analogue synths covered here. The second boards primary concern now is really organs. I seem to have 2 options.

    1. is to replace the FA with a VR730. Nords are no good as the midi control isnt good enough to play the Peak from. This will cost me a bit as FA07s arnt fetching much really on the used market. If I switch I gain a waterfall action, but loose the 16 layers in favour of 2, the sequencer and arpegiator - also the access to the VA/PCM side from the board itself (through the VR does have a VA engine accessible via an editor).

    2. Add a dedicated organ module - must have the sliders and switches on board. The recently released Viscount Legend Exp seems like a good option here. However Ive not hear one or seem one. Ive heard some legends on you tube but thats it. No idea how it stacks up to the VR. Better, worse or about the same.

    Option 2 will cost more, but possibly not much more. It means when Roland release their next Workstation/synth (summer I believe) I can still replace the FA without worrying about on board sliders and organ tones on the new board. Option 1 I know what Im getting. Both options will use internal leslie sims (cant afford a Minivent yet as I also need to replace my recording PC and studio monitors) so its not just core tones that count, but the vibrato/choruses, distortions and leslie effects as well.

    Ive come here rather than normal keyboard forums, as you guys will be much more in the know about organs tones from modules and boards. So give me some info her please.

    Oh I know about the ferrofish - but its not as good as what I have I dont think, and I know of the gemini - but its too much really and with a controller certainly is. The FA/RDs have loads of rotory and slider controllers I can assign, but Im limited on buttons to 3 (and thats 2 on one board and 1 on the other so not ideal). Thats not enough for fast/slow/brake and percussion options on the fly - hence why a module will need onboard controls.