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Vox / Elka / GEM Scratchy Keys after Cleaning Contacts Buc Bars

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  • Vox / Elka / GEM Scratchy Keys after Cleaning Contacts Buc Bars

    Hi folks, after having fully electronically (full recap and change some germaniums) repaired and cleaned key contacts (in the contact area only with isopropyl properly) an Elka Panther/Capri Duo, i decided to clean in total and "perfectly" the whole bus bars as they were pretty dirty/black tarnish/rust. You know that feeling you have sometimes when everything is perfect and youy just want to have all "shiny/perfect like new" ...
    Before that (having cleaned them at "contact area" only with 99% isopopyl) all keys were working fine (well only 2-3 out of all keys from both manuals were a bit scratchy).
    So, due to its big mess and dirty and because it was really hard to completelly remove that black dirty layer with q-tips and isopriopyl, i was looking for a "lazy" solution for total bus bar cleaning, smthng that i could just spray and then rinse out with isopropyl. So, as i was in a super market i grapped one of those cheapo Silver Polish Liquids, like "Silvo" and so. (Actually it is another brand for Silvo Liquid one, i was told its the same). Cosmetically it did the work perfectly, with a little extra q tip work , bus bars were 100% clean and i was happy.
    BUT now many keys are scratchy, i manually move the little contact needles to the upper busbar and it does that scratchy sound everywhere.
    I am worry aboutr if i made huge mistake using the Silvo (for start i know i should have used Brasso instead of Silvo- but i dont think its that) i wonder if those are too agressive/abrasive and i am afraid if maybe i did somthng bad to bus bars or contact needles like damaging any plating they probably had ? Actually the little "contact needles" look pretty solid, like they were before, i mostly worry about bus bars. Do you know if they have any plating and what material could be? Brass, palladium plating maybe? Solid?
    I called the company that manufactures the Silver Polish i used and spoke with a dedicated / experienced guy who was te chemical guy of the company. He reassure me at first that any damage/abrasion could have done and that i should rinse with water as this product is water based and not organic (like isopropyl,diclorometahne,acetone etc.) so the pure isopropyl that i used did not rinse it.
    I did rinse with water and then isopropyl q tips and at first problem seemed to be gone but then keys turned scratchy again.
    I have also used Teslanol T6 (same as Deoxit D5) but problem remains.

    Any thoughts? I am really dissapointed :(