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Need assistance with identifying a keyboard/organ - Thomas Color Glo

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  • Need assistance with identifying a keyboard/organ - Thomas Color Glo

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Josh, and I'm brand new here. I may not be posting in the right channel and I do apologize for that. I need assistance 'properly' identifying a Thomas Glo Music Module; I was helping a friend move a few months ago and I was given this as a gift.

    From what I can tell (and from the pictures), it is a Thomas model R-A0050 with a serial number of W114-0225.

    The keyboard overall is in decent shape and works. The caveat is that the sound is stuck on a specific note when its plugged in. You can play other notes and chords, but it will always revert back to the one note in the end and stay stuck there.

    I think it may require a replacement of a capacitor or other electrical component causing the sound to be stuck like that. I have not opened it up yet to take a look at the condition from the inside, it may just need a good dusting for all I know.

    I have done research on the internet but I am coming up short with any knowledge of this particular model. Most Thomas' devices are full sized organs and not portable keyboards (it is built inside a carrying case with clasps and a handle).

    I cannot find an owners manual online or where I would go to find replacement parts (in case I need any).

    Any assistance or insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm not too familiar with the Thomas product line, but I'm hoping someone on the forums is more knowledgeable. Thank you very much!

    I'll post the images below:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-5203.JPG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-5205.JPG
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-5208.JPG
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    Most likely it just needs a contact adjustment.
    I have no tech data in my printed or microfiche schematics.
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      I've never seen or heard of one of these! If you're on Facebook, join the Vintage Organ Group and the Electronic Organ Group, and post the photos on both. We have experts on there that aren't members here and someone may know something. Or I can post the photos and ask for you. Vintage Organ Group will respond faster than the other one, which has only just started but does have some members who go waaay back in the business.

      This is probably from the mid 1970s, so internally, it's going to be very basic and I also suspect something simple like a bent or misplaced key contact.

      You don't need an owner's manual for this one! Switch on, turn up the volume and play the keys. If you want 'accompaniment' then press one of the C F or G buttons. If you want a rhythm, turn the knob to select it and adjust the tempo. That's it! Oh, and if you want the keys illuminated with their letter names, press the Color-Glo button and maybe the fluorescent tube will light up! :)

      As for a service manual, if td doesn't have it, then probably no-one has! But you can ask in our dedicated section for such requests. And ask on the Facebook groups.
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        Andyg... would toodles know? IIRC Charlie was an engineer @ Thomas decades ago...

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      Reminds me of those Wurlitzer Music Learning Modules!
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        Thanks everyone! I'm hoping this little oddity provides our family with lots of fun (after the repairs).