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Hammond SKX or GSI 122 with Gemini Sound Module?

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    Hammond SKX or GSI 122 with Gemini Sound Module?

    Would appreciate the opinions of this forum re: Hammond SKX or GSI 122 with Gemini Sound Module?

    I am a bit torn on this one. I have a couple of real Hammonds, an A100 and a M100 (hepefully repaired this month) with a couple of basic Leslies in my home studio. The A100 is stunning. I am looking for something lightwieght to take out, a bit of an all rounder, but the Tonewheel taking priority. I am torn between these two. Do people have experience? Anyone played/used both?

    This is my current opinion:

    SKX probably more closely modelled tonewheel, does not have the keybed of the SK5. Not sure about the other sounds, have only seen them demoed in a mix.

    GSI 122 Good reputation, I think the other organs and sounds may well be better. Maybe sourcing problems, about to issue new model? (just my gut). Not sure about after sales.

    Opinions please?
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    My opinion: I own a Gemini module. The Gemini organ and Vb3-2, Crumar Mojo, DMC122 are all the same, just packaged differently. The organ sounds clearly more authentic than the Hammond SK1 which I have played. The SKX engine is the same as the SK1. The SKX layout is a more authentic than the DMC. Tne SKX is strictly a sampled organ, VB3-2 is physically modeled. The Gemini module also offers about 25 fantastic sounding instruments, a modeled rhodes, wurli and clavinet (with all of the switch settings), brass, strings, synth and a variety of horns. The acoustic piano is average but a new piano is one week away from being added and previews of it sounds good.

    New piano to be delivered (just added to the Crumar Seven model): https://www.crumar.it/

    Gemini module demos: https://www.genuinesoundware.com/?a=...oduct&b=43
    57 Hammond B3; 69 Hammond L100P; 68 Leslie 122; Kurzweil PC3; GEM Equinox 88 and 76 key versions; Gemini desktop module; Voce V5+; Neo Vent; EV ELX112P; 67 Howard Combo Organ; www.dyinbreedband.com