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Farfisa pedal repair

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    Farfisa pedal repair

    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum so please excuse me if my question borders on the mundane. I did read a thread below on the black hole nature of Farfisa upkeep. My question is this: if a technician appraised the Farfisa as being in great condition but the pedals didn't work, would you estimate that is something that falls more likely on the side of the pedals needing repair or the Farfisa needing repair? And if it is strictly pedal repair, would you judge this as a low cost and easy repair or steeped in unforeseen problems? Thanks for bothering to address the black hole nature of this question. This is for a Combo Compact Deluxe.

    You need to approach a 196’s combo organ with an open mind expecting extensive servicing at this stage. Dirty pedal contacts are no indication of the condition of the organ’s capacitors, transistors, wiring condition etc. A couple of us here own and have restored Compact Duos that have required many hours of work that would have cost four figures if handed to a tech to repair. You really need to play it and see if it needs work before committing. Typically you would replace 100 electrolytic capacitors as well as any bad transistors to get tuning stability. Both of mine needed this.
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      I serviced a combo farfisa Deluxe !
      So, there are a lot of capacitors to replace, but they are not expensive.
      Ex: You can buy all 72x1μF capacitor tone generators for < $ 10 a buck. The problem is the wires that break and the wooden frame that is very fragile.
      Pay attention to the reverb the cells are also fragile and hard to find.
      The pedal is made of bakelite cast frame, a bulb, a shutter, a photo résistor and a 3pin DIN connectors. All need cleaning.
      Note : If the bulb is KO or if the pedal is not plugged the volume is max.

      And that's not to mention the problem of key's contacts that require several cleaning passes.