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    Well, I would suggest you practice on the full-sized PSR then (a keyboard method book for self-studying will give you a structured approach), while you can familiarize yourself with drawbars playing around with the Yamaha.

    Or, kinda use both instruments in an organ like fashion (minus the pedals). Use the PSR as the lower manual and the REFACE as the upper one.


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      Yeah that could work. I will definitely need a structured approach, so far I've been able to just learn basic things like playing basic melodies, and basic chords myself, without a structured plan, but I am getting past that point now.

      and as I said, a few months from now, I will look into buying a new keyboard, and I will make sure it can also be used as a midi controller, so that I can play the Reface with full sized keys using it as well.


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        Great, whatever gets and keeps you playing. If you got time on your hands, join (for free) one of Tony Monaco's daily (12 PM) E.T. B3 live sessions on YouTube. Great stuff.

        Obviously, they are also available as recordings on YouTube if you can't join live.

        Then, on Wednesdays, Tom Horton also plays live concerts on piano/keyboard/virtual theatre organ at around 2 P.M. E.T.